The Great Unwashed: College Student Wears Same Jeans 15 Straight Months for Science (ABC News)

A Canadian college student has stretched the meaning of “distressed denim.” He turned his jeans into a science experiment — wearing them for 15 months without washing them. In addition to the creases and wear he was originally after, a lesson in bacterial carriage also unfolded.


  1. James Pilton says:

    I didn’t hold out for 15 months, but after a considerable while I managed to stand mine up in the corner. Could have had something to do with the malt from the beer mash having ‘starched’ them a bit…
    I haven’t experimented in such ways since, and, sadly, I haven’t brewed beer since then either.
    What was it that they said on 7 Boody Street again? Right, we’re “so liable to be retarded…”

  2. Hi James,
    are you the one from Villingen-Schwenningen/Germany, former Bowdoin student in the 90’s? If so, I am pleased to hear from you.

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