Interim San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee ’74 ‘Overcoming Bay Area’s History of Discrimination’ (Los Angeles Times)

Edwin M. Lee, a member of the Class of 1974, has been sworn in as the first Asian-American mayor of San Francisco, where, according to The Los Angeles Times, “Asians account for nearly a third of the population and the scars of history run deep.” Lee, who formerly held the position of City Administrator, will serve as interim mayor until next January when the winner of November’s mayoral election will take over.


  1. Paul M Yen says:

    Please use amended version below:

    As an Asian-American, and a Bowdoin parent, I am delighted to hear that Edwin Lee has become mayor of San Francisco. For a college that President Mills has said is located in “the whitest part of America’, it is noteworthy that Bowdoin has has been able to train leaders among its African American, Hispanic, and Asian alumni. Although each minority student’s experience will be different, and each will face different levels and types of discriminations and barriers in the course of their lives, Bowdoin nevertheless has enabled its students and graduates to gain the self-confidence and academic excellence to chart their own distinctive course in life.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO ED LEE, a member of my graduating class.

    I am very pleased to hear that San Francisco will be managed by a Bowdoin grad. The Bay Area has always been one of my favorite places. I am sure that under Ed, all minorities will be treated fairly. Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, immigrants and all of the rest of us too!

  3. I take it back. Reading the fine print, I see that this is FIVE YEAR OLD NEWS. Wow. Isn’t that a bit stale?

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