Bowdoin’s Alternative Winter Break: Advancing the Common Good by Exploring Immigrant Resettlement Issues

Few college students are eager to interrupt a five-week winter break to return to school a week early. Fewer still are eager to do so knowing they will be waking up at 6:30 each morning and working long days. However, students with the Alternative Winter Break program — now in its third year and growing in popularity — are doing just that.


  1. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D., "59 says:

    I am sure many Alums would enjoy taking the seats of those who choose to stay away. An opportunity for a week long ALUMNAE COLLEGE!
    Additionally, I suggest that all replies could be published in The BOWDOIN ORIENT. Thus, offering undergraduates an opportunity to benefit from ideas and comments hewn by the winds of professional experience, post-graduate education, and life prinicples that have withstood the test of time. A challenge! Best wishes, again, Peter H. Dragonas, M. D., “59, New Canaan, CT

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