‘I Was Only Joking’ and Nine More Passive Aggressive Phrases to Avoid (Psychology Today)

If you have to tell someone you were only joking, they probably didn’t get the joke. Might be best to recognize this and other passive aggressive phrases commonly in use.


  1. More people use passive aggressive behavior than we realize. If you use comments like this, or someone close to you does, it is important to start recognizing how often this type of comment is used and if other passive aggressive behaviors are in play as well. Even once in a while, this behavior can be hurtful, but as a method for relating to and interacting with others, this is actually a serious problem. Passive aggressive behavior can damage or completely sabotage a relationship and the emotional health of both people involved.
    If you do recognize these behaviors, learn more about them, and about your relationships so you can develop healthier bonds with others.

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