Bowdoin Students Honor Sept. 11 Victims with ‘Never Forget’ Project

Photo: Brian Lohotsky '11

Small American flags — 2,977 of them, one to represent each person who died in the Sept. 11 attacks — form a touching memorial on Coe Quad. Bowdoin is among the more than 100 high schools, colleges and universities nationwide participating in the Never Forget project, which was spearheaded locally by the Bowdoin College Republicans.

“[It’s] a sobering illustration and reminder to pay our respects to those who died as a result of the terrorist attacks,” says Kylie Huff ’11, who serves as secretary of the College Republicans, adding that the goal is to unite the entire Bowdoin community.


  1. Madeline Pruett says:

    What an impactful image. Despite the power of this project I’m troubled by its politicization.

    Honoring those killed on 9/11, soldiers from our wars and victims of other tragedies should be a patriotic act not a political one. Despite what I am sure are good intentions by the College Republicans their sole participation in this project gives the end result a political flavor that in my opinion actively contributes to the polarization of our country.

    No party should hijack history or patriotism.

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