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Look, Muffy: ‘Prep’ is Back (NY Times)

The original readers of 1980’s The Official Preppy Handbook are now pushing 50; author Lisa Birnbach’s follow up, True Prep: It’s a Whole New Old World, reflects their maturity — and life in the 21st century — with topics such as remarriage and the preppy approach to smart phones.

Keep that Grill Fired Up: Ranking the Healthiest Burgers (Daily Beast)

Yes, “healthy” hamburgers. Given the American penchant for the guilty pleasure of a burger or two, the Daily Beast compiled a list of the best not-so-gut-busting options.

Barry Mills on the First Days of College and that ‘Separation Thing’

As Bowdoin prepares to open its 209th academic year, President Barry Mills describes the excitement of those first days, and offers some friendly advice for anxious parents.

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Bowdoin Grad Freed in North Korea, Returns Home Today (Boston Globe)

Aijalon Mahli Gomes ’01, who had been sentenced to eight years in a North Korean prison following his arrest in January for entering that country illegally, is due back in Boston today. Gomes was freed yesterday after former President Jimmy Carter travelled to North Korea as a private citizen to secure his release.