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One Polar Bear’s Plight: Knut Knows, Fame Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be (

“Cute Knut,” the Polar Bear who became in international media sensation in 2007, has learned that fame and all that comes with it — the paparazzi, the merchandizing deals, the fur coat — may not compare to life’s simpler pleasures, such as swiping at seals from atop ice floes in the Arctic.

Eight Countries With Laws For Baby Naming (Mental Floss)

As we’ve seen here in the U.S., you can name a baby anything. But in other countries, Bono, himself of the offbeat name, might have had to seek permission before typing “Memphis Eve” on his child’s birth certificate. Ditto for Sly Stallone’s child Sage Moonblood or Bob Geldof’s daugther, Fifi Trixibelle. Here are eight countries with some rules about such things and the reasons why.