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Great Grapes: Crisp Summer Wines

With summer now in full swing, Debbie Barker of the Bowdoin Class of 1980, has some warm weather wine advice and a secret to reveal. [Read more…]

Is Parental Happiness Overrated? (The Atlantic)

Are people inherently self-centered and in need of children to beat that quality out of them? The Atlantic’s business and economics editor, Megan McArdle, attempts to make sense of the evidence.

Pants On Fire? How To Lie, How To Spot One (How Stuff Works)

“I’m ill and won’t be in today.” “No, that skirt does not make you look fat.” Lies. They begin around age two or three, when children begin to realize they’re not always being watched by someone who knows all. Read this and you’ll be an expert on the basics, the signs and the how-to’s of lying. Honest.

Westborough High School Receives Bowdoin’s 2010 Abraxas Award

Bowdoin has given the 2010 Abraxas Award to Westborough High School in Westborough, Mass. The award is given each year to the secondary school sending two or more graduates to the College whose representatives maintain the highest standing during their first year at the college.