Archives for June 2010

Fire, Destruction and War: Bowdoin’s Newest Interactive Scroll

Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies Thomas Conlan has brought ancient Japanese history to life again with a brand-new interactive 13th-century picture scroll.

Irreplaceable: Real Books Will Prevail Over E-Books (Slate)

Good news for librarians and those of us who prefer the tactile experience of holding the printed page. Despite the advent of the Kindle and iPad, it looks as though books, in their original form, are here to stay.

Separate but Equal? The Debate Over Single-Sex Classrooms (Newsweek)

Educators across the country are singing the praises of gender-based learning environments. But does it undo the progress of the women’s movement? Many argue that it does.

Video: U.S. Mint Artists Make Money the New Digital Way (Wallet Pop)

The classically trained sculptors who work for the U.S. Mint make public sculpture on a large scale — even if it does amount to small change — and they now do it digitally.