McDreamy Sports a Bowdoin T (Again) on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Thursday night’s episode (“Sympathy for the Parents“) of the hit television series, “Grey’s Anatomy,” ended—as it frequently does—with doctors Derek Shepherd (a.k.a., “McDreamy”) and Meredith Grey chatting in bed. McDreamy’s bed-wear: a Bowdoin t-shirt.

The Bowdoin-“Grey’s” connection is hardly coincidence. It is the result of a student petition and a whole lot of leg work dating back two years by a Bowdoin alumnus.


  1. Jamie Burr '70 says:

    One more recent mention you might have missed: Bowdoin also showed up on the hit series “Mad Men”, when Don Draper, the womanizing antihero, starts an affair with his children’s teacher. She is seen running (in ’62?) in a Bowdoin t-shirt. Maybe it was her brother’s or an ex-boyfriend but otherwise, a delightful anarchronism since we didn’t go co-ed (alas) until 1971. And remember, Bowdoin turned down Meadow Soprano while she was accepted at Barnard! Keep up the good work!

  2. There was a quick article on Campus News about that in October:

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