Is it Time for a Male Studies Major?

On April 7, in Staten Island, N.Y., academics will gather to consider whether it’s time to offer male studies as a new academic discipline. The symposium at Wagner College will examine a variety of issues related to men, including “misandry”—the hatred of males.


  1. This is just about the silliest idea I have ever heard, but then “Gender Studies” is right up there with it. If this really is an issue, it reflects a psychological trend among the opposite sex that needs to be addressed and corrected, so why not put it — if you must — under “Female Studies” or the above “Gender Studies”? The fact is that this is just more of a growing trend in academia — that is, a subject in search of an endowment — and reflects the continued “dumbing down” of the American public.

    Men are facing no more challenges than they ever did. Societal change has always had an uprooting effect on people, and will continue to do so. A proper study of history should cover the past occurrences of such upheavals and thereby shed light on the causes and and means to address this phenomenon — if it even deserves that distinction. A separate academic need is not warranted.

    Let me point out that as standardized test scores have continued to decline — or certainly never rebounded — since the 60s, and yet more students graduate with honors than ever before, one must wonder just how watered down a college education has become, particularly regarding the humanities and social “sciences”. This proposal does not help alleviate that concern.

  2. Fools2234 says:

    Dale you obviously have know idea what your talking about.
    Men are facing no more challenges than they ever did huh. Why don’t you look at these links before you talk about s*** you obviously haven’t researched the fact that their is women’s studies should be reason enough for a male studies. I swear manginas like you piss me off(heaven for bid we have male studies in college)'s_rights

    suicide 80% male
    85% of the homeless
    93% of workplace deaths
    only represent 43% of college attendance

    So please try not to have such an ignorant attitude about something you obviously have no knowledge about.

  3. Fools2234 says:

    link not working type mens rights in wiki.

  4. Dale Tomlinson-
    That’s what I really don’t like about school. The so-called “Honors” classes here in what is SUPPOSED to be one of the best school districts in the country is sadly failing. I lived in a South Suburb Chicago for 8 years and the Honors classes there were, perhaps, about the same level (I’d say slightly above, really), but at least you knew that everyone who was there deserved to be there. Here in the “good” school, there’s people who don’t do their homework or who are struggling or who are outright just not trying and most of the people who are there should be in regular classes. However “the system” is made in such a way that all the people around here can get into the Honors classes by virtue of hiring tutors or just making a C or copying or some such thing. Meanwhile I am sitting in the class wanting to bang my head on the desk in fustration and rejoicing in the teachers who give “tough grades” because then the people who don’t belong are pointed out clearly by their scores for homework and classwork.
    It’s the people running the schools that’s the problem. They place much emphasis on “We Are The Best Around! In Testing and in Sports and most of our students will go to College! We Must Stay This Way” This mindset makes it easy for people to get into “advanced” classes who do not belong and for the cirriculum in these “advanced” classes to be considerably less than it could be. Also, School Board, most of your students will go to college because MOST OF YOUR STUDENTS ARE WHAT YOU WOULD CALL RICH.

    It would help your argument much if you would use correct punctuation and spelling and were not swearing (thank you for sensoring it though). Also, there is a “Woman’s Studies” course because the path of males in society for much of history has been radically different than the path of females. You can learn much about the general lot of a male in human societies by taking a history course. For the statistics you cited:

    80% of sucides are males- That’s a statistic for psych classes and for comparison within the “Women’s and Gender Studies” course. I’m pretty sure you’re right about that one, but I’d have to check.
    85% of homeless- I’d say from observation that males are more likely to live alone or just have one source of income and therefore be more affected if they lose their job, etc.
    93% of workplace deaths- Men are more likely to work in the more dangerous professions like coalmining, construction, or manufacturing than women.
    43% of college attendance- Probably has something to do with the fact that boys are generally much less satisfied with school than girls and are more likely to underachieve, thereby not getting as good grades, and therefore not getting as many scholarships. Read “The Minds of Boys: Keeping our sons from falling behind in school and life” by Michael Gurian and Kelly Stevens. Please also keep in mind that this is a much more even percentage in terms of male/female college attendance than at most (possibly any) points in history.

    Please do not sound angry when you comment on something. It just makes you come across as a bitter idiot who has no idea what he’s talking about. It doesn’t help much.

    As for my opinion: This whole idea just seems like a stupid attempt to try and make some sort of semblance of “fairness” where one is not needed.

  5. Though people should not exclude thinking of males when it comes to planning, organizing, or doing any sort thing in public or private.

  6. I’d probably take this course to see what it would be like, but it seems rather pointless.

    Another thing, Fool2234: “Manginas” makes you sound like you detest women and non-“manly” males. Also not helping your argument.


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