Students Role-play a Debate Among Presidential Candidates

proxydebate210420165204212016Bowdoin’s first-ever presidential “debate by proxy” took place in Smith Union recently. With Damian Ramsdell ’17 as Bernie Sanders, David Levine ’16 as Hillary Clinton, David Jimenez ’16 as John Kasich, Jordan Moskowitz ’16 as Donald Trump, and Francisco Navarro ’19 as Ted Cruz, the dialogue flew furiously. The candidates discussed 2016’s most heated issues: immigration, taxes, abortion, national security, climate change, and gun control. While the tone of the debate was lighthearted, each proxy demonstrated impressive familiarity with his candidates’ statements and policies.

Read the story by Erica Hummel ’16.

Attorney Susan Faunce ’98 on Challenges of Dental Malpractice Cases (WGME)


Click image to view segment featuring interview with Susan Faunce ’98.

Susan Faunce ’98, a medical malpractice attorney with Maine law firm Berman & Simmons, talks about the challenges that are often present when contemplating a dental malpractice suit. “The cost of suing for dental malpractice is usually higher than what’s likely to be recovered,” says Faunce in the second of a two-part series examining dental dangers, and the role and practices of the Maine Board of Dental Examiners.

No Joke: Two Nuns Walk into a Bar for ‘Theology On Tap’ at Bowdoin’s Pub

jacklucysuzannecaseyTwo nuns recently swung by Jack Magee’s Pub and Grill on campus to chat with students. While the setting was casual, the topic was serious.

The Good Shepherd Parish sisters, Elaine Lachance and Joanne Roy, work at the Esther Residence in Saco, Maine, which is a faith-based program for women. The event was part of a new campus series called Theology on Tap, organized by the Bowdoin Catholic Student Union. This year Jack Lucy ’17 and Suzanne Casey ’16 are leading the CSU. Read the story.

Selling Empanadas on the Quad to Raise Money for Ecuador

After the 7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador April 16, 2016, students launched into action. Caroline Martinez ’16, who grew up in Ecuador, is helping to lead the charge to raise $5,000 for Ecuador’s Red Cross by May 6. Selling homemade beef and cheese empanadas, for $3 and $2, in the Smith Union and the Quad, the group is already about halfway toward their goal.