Bowdoin News: Brewing Up a Winning Sustainability Idea; Moments of Contemplation

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Maine has more than 60 breweries; with an idea about how to reuse the increasing amount of brewery grain, students tie for first in the Maine Food System Innovation Challenge.


While the stereotype of liberal arts colleges is they are bastions of atheists and secular thought,  two professors reveal some of the diversity at Bowdoin, and the ways students are both invited to practice their faith and explore other faiths.

The Parallels—And ‘Crucial’ Difference Between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson (The Atlantic)

Presidential sealBoth Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich have compared Donald Trump to Andrew Jackson, citing the candidates’ shared populism and outsider mentality.

The Atlantic looks deeper into Jackson’s victory to find complications within the comparisons. Ultimately, Jackson widened the democratic space, whereas Trump failed to do so. Read more.

Now It’s Auto Loans: 6 Million Americans Are Delinquent—And It’s Only Getting Worse (MarketWatch)

CarsCurrently, about 6 million Americans are at least 90 days late on their subprime car-loan payments. Though the majority of auto-loans are still performing well, the subprime loans—those associated with credit scores below 620—have suffered an exacerbating delinquency rate.

Though auto loans have less of an effect on the greater financial system than mortgage loans do, credit officials believe increased distress should be a significant concern for affected households. Read more.

I Know, Write: This Infographic Breaks Down Your Handwriting (Pens)

Click image to view full infographic (Image detail:

Click image to view full infographic (Image detail: