Visiting Artist, Filmmaker Lyès Salem Inspired by French-Algerian Roots


Lyes Salem. Photo: Savannah Simmons-Grover

Algerian-born filmmaker and visiting artist in Francophone studies, Lyès Salem, is teaching a seminar class on creative writing and filmmaking in which he will help students produce one or two short movies, in French.

Salem’s latest movie, L’Oranais, kicks off Bowdoin’s Francophone Film Festival this coming Friday, November 4, 2016. The film takes a critical look at Algeria in the years following independence from France in 1962. Read more about Lyès Salem.


Video: Students Honored on Sarah and James Bowdoin Day


Sarah and James Bowdoin Day 2016 in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.

Bowdoin celebrated its highest ranking students at the College’s annual Sarah and James Bowdoin Day. The ceremony was held in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall, October 21, 2016. Read about the ceremony and watch the video.

Chomsky on ‘Bought’ Elections, ‘Superficial’ Media and Other Threats


Noam Chomsky talks with students at Burnett House

Acclaimed scholar and political activist Noam Chomsky visited campus recently to share his thoughts on American democracy and other issues.

MIT Professor Emeritus Chomsky—who has written more than 100 books on topics such as linguistics, war, politics, and mass media—is regarded as an outspoken critic of American foreign policy and the US political system.

While at Bowdoin, Chomsky delivered a public lecture and held an informal question and answer session with students, addressing a range of topics.

Video: They’re Here! First Years Move In

Toting water bottles and mopping their brows, many families were on campus yesterday morning, helping first-year students settle into their new college lives. With temperatures hitting the low 80s, it was a particularly humid morning to be lugging furniture into dorm rooms. Yet, for the most part, parents seemed cheerful. “They’re not stressed out because we’re not stressing them out,” Jared Littlejohn ’15 said. He, along with many other upper-class students, was omnipresent yesterday, helping move stuff in. “Here’s someone I can help!” Littlejohn called, running off to ask whether he could assist a father and son carry a small refrigerator.

Read the full story, with many more photos, about move-in day for the Class of 2017.