Video: They’re Here! First Years Move In

Toting water bottles and mopping their brows, many families were on campus yesterday morning, helping first-year students settle into their new college lives. With temperatures hitting the low 80s, it was a particularly humid morning to be lugging furniture into dorm rooms. Yet, for the most part, parents seemed cheerful. “They’re not stressed out because we’re not stressing them out,” Jared Littlejohn ’15 said. He, along with many other upper-class students, was omnipresent yesterday, helping move stuff in. “Here’s someone I can help!” Littlejohn called, running off to ask whether he could assist a father and son carry a small refrigerator.

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Bowdoin Sets Up New Composting Systems at Student Houses

Sustainable Bowdoin summer employees Omar Sohail or Bridgett McCoy with one of the new green cones

Sustainable Bowdoin summer employees Omar Sohail or Bridgett McCoy with one of the new green cones.

Composting, the latest way a college student can become more sustainable, has recently become easier on campus because of the installation of two new composting systems: One in the backyard of 30 College Street, the campus’ multicultural house, and the other at Howell House.

The bins are half-buried green cones in which students can deposit leftover vegetables, fruits, bread, eggs and much more, diverting hundreds of pounds of food waste annually. Not only does this save the College money by decreasing the amount of waste, but compost also improves the local land by acting as a fertilizer, soil conditioner and natural pesticide.

While Bowdoin has already established an organic waste diversion program for Bowdoin’s Dining Halls, including feeding pigs the pre- and post-consumer waste from Moulton Union, the addition of these two green cones will make composting easier and more convenient for students in residence halls. In addition to the new green cones, compost bins are currently located outside of Burnett House, Ladd House, Quinby House, MacMillan House and Reed House, as well as the Mayflower apartments. Read the full story.

Multimedia: 458 Seniors Awarded Degrees at Bowdoin’s 208th Commencement

During Bowdoin College’s 208th Commencement ceremony, bachelor of arts degrees were awarded to students from 42 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 14 foreign countries and territories.

For the first time since 1986, weather conditions drove the ceremony indoors — to the Sidney J. Watson Arena. Though the venue was new, President Barry Mills continued his Commencement tradition of speaking about leadership.

“At Bowdoin we understand that leadership requires empathy — at its best it requires a person who understands in their heart and head the issues and problems they seek to solve, and the situations they aim to improve. A Bowdoin leader leaves their ego at the door — it is not the volume of your voice, but the power of your ideas,” Mills said.  Read more about Commencement 2013 and find links to the speeches here.

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For Students in ‘The Undiscussed,’ No Topic is Taboo

The Undiscussed Leaders, left to right, Maria Montes ’13, Monica Das ’14, Kate Kearns ’14, Phoebe Joaquin ’15 and Veronica Verdin ’15. Absent members: Nasra Hassan ’13 and Tyler Silver ’13

Every year for the past six years, a large number of students have joined a special campus club called The Undiscussed to talk about challenging topics that can get buried under the debris of our daily duties and burdens.

Each spring, when The Undiscussed becomes active, participants focus on one subject to tackle. In the past, they’ve looked at identity, choice, image and space. This year, members took on the topic of (un)happiness to examine both happiness and its opposite.

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