Before and After: 52 Harpswell

Bowdoin’s newest residential hall, at 52 Harpswell Road, was completed this summer. Students moved into the house in early September. This video gives a sense of the building in progress and after completion. Read more about the building.

Bowdoin Deans Offer Top 10 Tips for First-Years (WCSH 207)

On the Maine TV show 207, Janet Lohmann and Michael Wood, dean and assistant dean of first-year students at Bowdoin, give their best tips for students and parents on adjusting to the first year of college.

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Annual McKeen Symposium Celebrates Community

commongood1At the McKeen Center’s “Bowdoin and the Common Good” symposium, held recently in Morrell Lounge, students presented individual and class projects that have, over the past year, linked the College with the community. Their projects included both community service as well as independent research in biology, math, sociology, Spanish and environmental studies.

The symposium stands as a “beautiful example” of the value of a liberal arts education, according to Janice Jaffe, associate director of the McKeen Center. The projects are not only diverse but often multidisciplinary in their scope. “Students [at the symposium] talk to one another and they see the relationships between projects,” she said. ”It takes a community and all its different perspectives and research skills to address these issues.”

Some of the issues presented at the symposium this year were equal access to education, sustainable communities, poverty and social justice, and international connections. Read about a few of the student projects.

Braunstein and Students Imagine Destroyed Landscapes

Writers at the Coastal Studies Center

The student writers at the Coastal Studies Center

Using the pastoral setting of the Coastal Studies Center on Orr’s Island as their backdrop, 12 students joined Sarah Braunstein for a recent writing workshop that focused on threatened and destroyed landscapes.

Braunstein, a novelist and writer of short stories and essays, is Bowdoin’s current Coastal Studies Scholar. She designed the Saturday workshop to encourage students to use fiction writing to imagine a world dealing with the effects of environmental destruction. Read the full story by Emily Weyrauch ’17.