Cool Reception: Annual Student Night at the Arctic Museum


Student Activities threw its annual “Student Night at the Arctic Museum” party Friday evening. The event is a chance to celebrate students’ return to campus after break and to lighten, a bit, the dark and cold of winter (although we haven’t had much of the cold here yet). The usually locked Susan Dwight Bliss Room in Hubbard Hall was opened for students to check out its beauty and rare books. Almost 400 students toured the Arctic Museum, and a cappella groups Miscellania and the Longfellows performed. To top it all off, Bowdoin treated students to a chocolate fountain. See more photos.

Special Collections Director Urges Students, Others to ‘Come Visit the Reading Room.’


Kat Stefko

The special collections room of a library can sometimes seem like an intimidating place, admits Kat Stefko. An inner sanctum, cocooned from the rest of the establishment, home to ancient tomes, manuscripts and other artifacts which need to be protected from the general public.

But Stefko wants to dispel that perception. She’s the new director of the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archiveat the Bowdoin college library. ‘We exist to be used,” she says. Read more

Missed a Fall Semester Concert or Talk? Check it out on Bowdoin Talks


The past semester’s concerts, performances and lectures are all archived on Bowdoin Talks, a public website where one can see many of the events that have occurred on campus.

December was filled with dances and musical performances, including the student chamber ensemble and student a cappella shows. Recent talks include lectures on apartheid in South Africa, politics in the U.S., nanotechnology, educational attainment gaps — and even magic (math magic).

Five, Six, Seven, Eight: Students Shimmy, Pivot and Pirouette in Two December Dance Shows

The Dance Department staged its traditional December dance show this year with guest artists from Laura Peterson Choreography. A week later, seven student dance groups, plus the drumming ensemble Taiko, put on their regular end-of-semester performance.

Watch both shows — Student Club Winter Dance Show and the Dance Department’s December Show with Guest Artist Laura Peterson Choreography — on Bowdoin Talks.