2017 Common Good, Alumni Council Awards Announced

(L. to r.) Gerald C. Chertavian ’87, P’20; Margaret L. O’Sullivan ’92; Charles E. Prinn III ’61

Awards honoring outstanding leadership and service to the College will be presented during Reunion Convocation June 3, 2017.

The Common Good Award, selected each year by the Bowdoin College Board of Trustees, recognizing a profound and sustained commitment to the common good, will be presented to Trustee Emeritus Gerald Chertavian ’87, P’20, founder and CEO of Year Up, a non-profit providing an intensive training and education program for low-income youth across the country.

The Alumni Service Award and the Distinguished Educator Award, chosen by the Alumni Council, recognize members of the Bowdoin community for their exemplary achievement and dedication. Charles E. Prinn III ’61 has been chosen to receive the Alumni Service Award; the 2017 Distinguished Educator Award will be presented to Margaret L. O’Sullivan ’92.

Registration for Reunion 2017 (June 1-4) begins in March.

The Era of Data Center Consolidation (Fortune)

Since Infor’s 2014 decision to move all IT operations into Amazon Web Service data centers, more and more software companies have announced plans to use a public cloud (or “Infrastructure-as-a-Service,” as it’s known to industry insiders).

The trend allows massive servers to rent storage and networking to companies, condensing greater power in fewer centers.  Read more in Fortune.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Harvard Business Review)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to replace not only “doing” jobs, such as manufacturing, but also “thinking” jobs, such as those done by doctors, marketers, and stock brokers. Harvard Business Review highlights skills at which AI is superior—data analysis and interpretation.

Rather than combat AI, humans must focus on AI’s weaknesses—understanding and interacting with other humans—to stay relevant. Improving one’s emotional intelligence, empathy, and persuasion will differentiate humans from AI in the workforce. Read more.

Infographic: How to Multitask Like a Champ — And Know When to Focus on One Thing (Pound Place)

Click image for full infographic (Image detail: Pound Place)