Infographic: How Color Affects Your Purchasing Habits (KISSmetrics)

Infographic detail, courtesy: KISSmetrics

Color is one of the most influential tools of design, but its power extends beyond that of a pleasing aesthetic.

Researchers say color also has the ability to attract specific types of shoppers — and can actually change shopping behavior.

In this infographic by KISSmetrics, find the color to which you respond and see if you agree with the type of shopper it attracts.

Barry Mills on ‘The Challenge of Technology’ (Inside Higher Ed)


President Barry Mills opened the academic year by addressing the Bowdoin community with a talk about technology’s role in education. Inside Higher Ed broadens President Mills’ audience by publishing an essay adapted from that Convocation address delivered August 31, 2011.

Looking For A Few Good Women: Interviewing Alumni About Co-Ed Bowdoin

Gender and Women’s Studies Professor Jennifer Scanlon is asking her 200-level seminar students to think of themselves as excavators of history. That’s because much of her course’s source matter has yet to be discovered.

Scanlon is using the 40th anniversary of the matriculation of the first full class of women students at Bowdoin as the subject for an exciting, research-driven course, Forty Years: The History of Women at Bowdoin.

Her students are looking for a few Bowdoin alumni—male and female—for firsthand accounts of what it was like before, during and after women began to matriculate to the College.

“The students are excited to learn about the history of their own institution,” says Scanlon. “They have a lot of questions about who these women were who made the decision to come here. What kind of person would make that choice? What were the responses of men?”

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