Summer Fellowship Maps Congressional Behavior

Ian Dieli '18

Ian Dieli ’18

Ian Dieli ’18 is a computer science major and math minor who has never taken a government class. Nevertheless, the work he’s doing this summer could end up making life easier for political science researchers.

Working under the guidance of Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies and Computer Science Mohammad T. Irfan, Dieli is building up a database of congressional bills as part of a Breckinridge Summer Research Fellowship.

Do You Know about this System of Secret Bomb Detectors? (The Atlantic)

Map US128

Hidden across northern Virginia right outside the capitol are devices that can detect nuclear bombs.

The plan is for these secret devices to be placed around Washington D.C., New York, Boston, and other large cities around America in order to ensure early detection of a potential nuclear threat.

2016 Gibbons Fellows Use Technology to Solve Complex Problems

This summer, eleven students are using and adapting technology to explore interdisciplinary areas and foster “fresh approaches to the study of complex problems.” They are collaborating with professors in a range of disciplines, from government to art and neuroscience. Their work is funded by the Gibbons Summer Research Program, which was established by John A. Gibbons, Jr. ’64 to encourage interdisciplinary thinking and work.

Bowdoin’s 2016 Gibbons Fellows by Bowdoin College on Exposure

Odds Are You Have a Doppleganger (BBC)


Unless you have particularly rare features, chances are pretty good you have possibly thousands of doppelgängers.

The BBC explains the odds that your lookalike it out there somewhere.