Get Off My iPod, Jack (Stero Gum)

iPhone jack circle slash

The headphone jack has been a part of music for as long as anyone can remembers. Apple, though, might have just killed it with the birth of the iPhone 7.

The latest iPhone will not have a port for headphones, and instead will require wireless headphones or a converter, which some say will only make listening to music on your iPhone complicated and frustrating. 

‘The End of Free Will’? The World as One Giant Flow of Data (FT Magazine)

Big data

In its most extreme form,”Dadaism” views the world as a flow of data, and see the rest of us “as little more than biochemical algorithms and believe that humanity’s cosmic vocation is to create an all-encompassing data-processing system — and then merge into it.”

Read “Big data, Google and the end of free will” in FT Magazine.

The Mystery of Black Holes and Hawking Radiation (Nature)

outer space, galaxy, universe, While much of black holes remain a mystery, scientists have recently discovered that they might release radiation, which might cause them to shrink and disappear.

This is called Hawking radiation, which is still just a hypothesis, but recent findings could eventually prove it true. Read more about these findings at Nature

How Long Should You Make Eye Contact? (Science)

Eye256Looking someone in the eye to establish a comfortable rapport is a delicate art. To make things a bit more complicated, people prefer to lock eyes for different amounts of time. Some like to go long, others short.

However, there does seem to be a general preference. A new study finds the preferred average duration for maintaining eye contact is 3.3 seconds. See whether you prefer to go long or short on Science‘s eye-contact test.