Nature Conservancy Director Kate Dempsey ’88 Recognized for Outstanding Service

Kate Dempsey ’88 speaking with Bowdoin students in 2016

The Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences recently awarded Kate Dempsey ’88 the Alumni Award for Outstanding Career and Service Achievement. At Tufts, Dempsey studied urban and environmental policy and planning.

Dempsey is the state director of the Maine chapter of The Nature Conservancy, where she emphasizes active engagement with communities to conserve nature and solve resource challenges. Read more about Dempsey and the award.

Do You Have One of the 10 Worst Jobs of 2017? (CNBC)

Research teams from CareerCast examined the 200 most common jobs in the United States and ranked them according to salary, growth, competition, physical work, safety, and stress.

Click to read CNBC’s list of the ten worst jobs of 2017.

Professor Horch on Why Crickets Matter (Not Least Because We Might Be Eating Them One Day)

Biology professor Hadley Horch’s new book

A new book co-edited by Hadley Horch, an associate professor of biology and neuroscience at Bowdoin, makes the case that more researchers should focus on the cricket to better understand its unique evolutionary features, such as its ability to regenerate damaged body parts.

The Cricket as a Model Organism: Development, Regeneration, and Behavior also argues that as the human population grows and puts increasing pressure on our agricultural systems, it might behoove us to have better science about this edible insect.

The book is aimed at other scientists. But we asked Horch to answer a few non-technical questions about the volume — including how she prefers to eat her crickets. Read Horch’s replies.