Bowdoin Student Researchers Launch Pro-Science Blog

Danielle Haas Freeman ’17

Danielle Haas Freeman ’17 and other student researchers at Bowdoin have launched a new “informal” science blog about their research. With “Bowdoin Student Scientists: Science in Informal Language,” they aim to communicate the importance of science in a time when public policy appears to be veering from mainstream scientific findings, particularly on climate change.

Freeman explains in the blog that she is concerned that the outcome of the US presidential election reflects a distrust, among some parts of the public, for “both the scientific method and of the relevance of our research to globally significant debates over climate change, pollution, land use, and human health.”

In their posts, the student contributors describe their research in relatively non-technical language and straightforward descriptions. They also include some personal observations. Read more.

Bowdoin Student Techies Go West for Spring Break

West Trek participants, and some alumni, at Google

Forty Bowdoin students — from across class years, majors, and backgrounds — trekked to California over spring break to explore career opportunities in technology. Now in its second year, the West Trek, a Bowdoin Career Planning program, was expanded this year to allow twice as many students to participate.

West Trek is designed to put students who would not otherwise be exposed to California’s tech culture in contact with graduates working for innovative companies, from Airbnb and Pinterest to Facebook and Google.

Read more.

Former Bowdoin Post-Doc Pushes for Inclusivity in Science (Scientific American)

In a recent co-authored article in Scientific American, Kristy Duran argues that those who are now mobilizing to defend science in the wake of the US presidential election must not forget to press for greater diversity in the sciences.  “Some of our biggest discoveries, like the Higgs boson and the human genome sequence, were possible because of the collective work of many scientists from different backgrounds,” she and her co-authors write.

That diversity includes women, who only make up 28 percent of researchers. To help support female scientists, Duran, an associate professor of biology at Adams State University in Colorado, is helping to lead the nonprofit 500 Women Scientists, which is dedicated to building an inclusive scientific community and training diverse “future leaders in in science.” In addition, the group says it will use science to bridge divides and enhance global diplomacy.

About a decade ago, Duran was a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow at Bowdoin, working in Professor of Biology Barry Logan’s lab.

With Neighboring Marine Labs, Bowdoin Commits to Longterm Gulf Project

Teaming up with marine research centers up and down the coast, Bowdoin College has embarked on a longterm study to better understand how the Gulf of Maine is responding to climate change.

Scientists report that the Gulf of Maine is heating up more rapidly than 99 percent of the world’s oceans, impacting natural systems and coastal communities in Maine.

Read the story about the new marine alliance.