Open-Web Advocates Prepare for Trump Presidency (The Atlantic)

Social media256Despite his social media presence, President-elect Donald Trump has yet to demonstrate an understanding of technology issues, particularly regarding net neutrality.

Net neutrality refers to open-web principles that hope to inhibit certain companies’ advantages in how people access in the internet. Open-web advocates are preparing for a new “policy war” as Trump’s opinions on net neutrality waver. Read more.

Setting More Places at the Periodic Table: Do You Know the Names of the Four Newest Elements? (Smithsonian)

chemical flasks with reagentsThis past January, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry added four new elements to the periodic table. After months of speculation, the IUPAC has revealed the official name proposals: nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson.

The IUPAC will submit the names for a five-month public review before inscribing them onto the periodic table. Read more.

Sky-High Prescription Drug Prices in the US—And the Alternative (Vox)

CapsulesVox explores the international prescription drug market, examining why the same prescription drugs offered in other countries cost more in the US, where a lack of price regulation allows drug makers to set their own prices.

Read why the trade-off might mean less research into medical cures.

Not Charismatic? Don’t Worry—There’s Help For You (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Smiley128Harvard and MIT lecturer Olivia Fox Cabane explains the science behind charisma. According to neuroscience studies, humans primarily react to “power” and “warmth” during first impressions.

Cabane claims charisma is a “learnable quality,” improved specifically through body language. Read more.