Today Wars Leave 20 Million People Starving (Washington Post)

This year, famine threatens 20 million people, more than any time since World War II. South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen all have suffered prolonged warfare and thus increased rates of starvation.

The Washington Post presents a visual guide to the countries’ humanitarian food crises.

Professor Laura Henry Analyzes Next Brexit Step

Laura Henry

Kicking off International Week at Bowdoin, professor Laura Henry gave a talk Monday evening about what to expect now that British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially began the process of splitting the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Henry is Bowdoin’s John F. and Dorothy H. Magee Associate Professor of Government and an expert on Russian politics and the European Union, among other subjects.

After laying out a foundation of the UK’s long and vexed relationship to Europe and to the European Union, Henry turned her attention to what happens after Brexit. Read the story in Bowdoin News.

Digipo: A ‘Wikipedia’ by College Students (Nieman Lab)

The Digital Polarization Initiative (Digipo) has piloted a claim-checking wiki for college students that helps them examine the online environments from which false claims originate.

Students collaborate to analyze and summarize topics from hate speech to neuroscience, in search of the truth. Read more in Nieman Lab.

Without Access to Opioids, Some Addicts Are Overdosing on Diarrhea Drugs (Atlantic)

A commonly overlooked side effect of opioid painkillers is constipation. The gastrointestinal consequences of the drugs have pushed addicts to wonder whether other constipation-causing medications elicit a similar high.

Loperamide, an opioid known by its brand name Imodium, is an over-the-counter treatment for diarrhea that can, in extremely high doses, produce a high or alleviate withdrawal symptoms. The cheap and legal opioid has contributed to rising overdoses. Read more in The Atlantic.