The Benefits of America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil (The Atlantic)

For years, politicians have bemoaned America’s dependence on foreign oil. The upside is that all that purchasing power gives the U.S. a certain amount of leverage over some pretty important places around the world.

Health Care For All While Obama Talks to Maine (C-SPAN / NY Times)

President Barack Obama waves with Karen Mills at the Portland Expo

Karen Mills, administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration and wife of Bowdoin President Barry Mills, was at the presidential podium on Thursday introducing President Barack Obama to a crowd of nearly 3,000 Mainers gathered at the Portland Expo for a speech on the benefits of health care reform.

Meanwhile, just down the street, a community health center that stands to benefit from that reform was busy doing what they do.

New Yorkers Urged to Pull Up Their Pants (Telegraph)

A state senator from Brooklyn has seen enough underwear. He’s behind an ad campaign urging young people to “stop the sag!

Bath-Built Ship Captures Somali Pirates—Now What? (Christian Science Monitor)

The U.S.S. Nicholas has seen national headlines before. Built at Bath Iron Works and launched there in 1983, the Oliver Hazard Perry Class guided missile frigate captured the first Iraqi prisoners in the Persian Gulf War. On Thursday, the ship’s crew captured five Somali pirates near the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. The question now is whether their capture will make a dent in the continuing problem of piracy on the high seas.