Visualizing The Supreme Court’s Campaign Finance Case

Want to actually see the points raised in the majority and minority opinions in the decision striking down existing campaign finance law? Have a look at the speech balloons. More…

McEwen: Solitary confinement reflects failure of prison

From The Herald Gazette: At a Statehouse press conference Jan. 21, several speakers (including Bowdoin Professor Craig McEwen) representing a coalition of 17 organizations dedicated to limiting solitary confinement in the Maine State Prison said solitary confinement does “damage to the human mind and spirit.” More…

MPBN: Maine to Lose Congressional Seat?

Every ten years, Congress examines the latest census data to determine which states have grown their population sufficiently to merit an additional seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. And with a set number of 435 seats to go round, this means some states — those with slowing or declining populations — will lose a seat.  While Maine’s two seats look safe enough for the next reapportionment of Congress due to occur within the year, one prominent demographer warns that by 2020, this may well have changed, both for Maine and its neighbor to the south.  More…

Portland Press Herald: Maine ponders cell phone cancer warning

From the Portland Press Herald:

AUGUSTA — A state legislator wants to make Maine the first state to require cell phones to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer.

Democratic Rep. Andrea Boland of Sanford says there are very substantial and numerous studies that point to the risk. But there’s little consensus among scientists of the hazards of cell phone use.