Gomes ’01 Facing Trial in North Korea (Washington Post)

It is still not clear how or why Aijalon Mahli Gomes, a member of the Bowdoin Class of 2001, entered North Korea, but officials in Pyongyang insist they will put him on trial. Described in news media reports as deeply religious, it now appears that Gomes attended rallies in South Korea to protest the north’s communist regime.

Explaining the Student Loan Bill

It didn’t get nearly the number of headlines (or cause as much partisan angst), but buried inside the health care bill are changes to student lending regulations that may help make college affordable for more American families.

Inside Higher Education offers a breakdown of winners (Pell grant recipients and private colleges) and losers (private sector lenders), while CNBC’s Suze Orman provides her usual brief consumer scoop.

Bowdoin Alumnus Detained in North Korea

Aijalon Gomes, a member of the Bowdoin College Class of 2001, has been arrested in North Korea after allegedly entering the country illegally in January. North Korean authorities announced Monday that the 30-year old Boston native—who has been serving as an English instructor in South Korea—would be put on trial after entering the country illegally through China. Few details of the situation are available, but the story has been reported by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and the New England Cable Network, among others.

Obama: From Political Has-Been to Mastermind (NY Review of Books)

With Sunday’s passage of landmark health care legislation, President Obama is being hailed in some quarters as a political genius. What a difference a vote makes.