Want to Read the Latest Executive Order or Supreme Court Brief? Visit Library’s ‘In the News’ Page

Barbara Levergood

Bowdoin research librarian Barbara Levergood has responded to the quickly developing news of the day by putting together an online guide of primary and secondary sources that relate to current events in government.

“Imagine that you were interested in the public discussion about immigration taking place right now,” she said, and would like to read the actual documents being discussed. Yet, finding primary sources is not always easy.

Levergood said the sources she has compiled—from new bills introduced in Congress to Supreme Court briefs—can help students conduct research or answer questions they have. Perhaps, she said, curious people may want to know what exactly were the provisions in President Trump’s executive order, “Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States,” or learn more about immigration policy during the latter part of the Obama administration.

“All of these questions can be answered by reading the primary sources yourself,” she said, adding that anyone—students, staff, or other library users—who needs assistance should feel free to contact her. Visit the online guide here.

Honoring AIDS Activist Peter Staley and Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11

(L. to r.) Jes Staley ’79, P’11, Kate Stern, Peter Staley. Click image to view slideshow.

Nearly eighty members of the Bowdoin community were on hand at Yahoo in New York City March 9, 2017, to honor the work of AIDS activist Peter Staley and his brother, Barclays CEO and Bowdoin College Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11.

“It was an evening of powerful stories—of Peter Staley’s life-saving activism and personal fight against AIDS, of Jes Staley’s promotion of LGBT causes—and combatting of homophobia—in the banking world, and of their relationship and tremendous mutual respect,” said Matt Roberts ’93, a member of the Alumni Council’s Diversity Committee.

“I found it particularly moving to share the evening with so many members of the Bowdoin family— including alumni, parents, and trustees—a warm and welcoming group.” More about the event, including a slideshow, in Bowdoin News.

I-Corps: The Program That Turns Scientists into Entrepreneurs (Harvard Business Review)

In 2010, Subra Suresh—then director of the National Science Foundation, currently president of Carnegie Mellon University—hoped to bring more discoveries out of the lab and into the marketplace through better links between government in industry.

The resulting program, I-Corps, has reorganized the NSF and educates scientists to become entrepreneurs. Today, the software has trained more than  700 teams. Read more in the Harvard Business Review.

Veteran Political Strategist Donna Brazile Urges Engagement, Listening

Donna Brazile speaking to students in Smith Union, March 8, 2017

Donna Brazile, a longtime political strategist for the Democratic Party, spoke to students in Morrell Lounge, Smith Union on March 8, 2017, urging them to get involved in politics now, while they’re still young. She also appealed to them to remain receptive to people whose beliefs don’t match their own, and to listen closely to their political opponents.

In her talk, “Political Outlook: A Comprehensive Picture of What’s Going on in Washington,” Brazile spoke about the importance of the millennial generation getting involved in local politics to learn the system and to begin making an impact.

Read more and see a slideshow in Bowdoin News.