Former Diplomat David Pearce ’72: America Must Remain Engaged (Portland Press Herald)

David Pearce ’72 (Photo: US State Department)

Retired career diplomat David Pearce said it’s important that the US remain “engaged with its allies and the rest of the world,” reports the Portland Press Herald. Pearce, who served as ambassador to Greece and Algeria, was addressing the World Affairs Council of Maine in Falmouth recently and speaking for the first time since he retired from the US Foreign Service.

Talking about President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, Pearce said it was “not a great sign, but we should wait to see what happens.” He also said  America would not benefit if the Trump administration withdrew its support for NATO.

Rudalevige on Russia Investigation — And Whether It’s ‘Really Worse’ Than Watergate (Monkey Cage)

Andrew Rudalevige

In advance of former FBI director James Comey’s testimony before a Senate committee last Thursday, Bowdoin’s Andrew Rudalevige shared his executive power expertise in examining whether President Trump had the power to block Comey from testifying.

In the wake of that testimony, Rudalevige writes again in the Washington Post political science blog, The Monkey Cage, that Comey’s remarks cast a different light on many of the questions he’s considered since this all began. Read “When you compare Trump to Nixon, think character not crime.”

Researcher Conor Williams ’05: Trump Education Budget Will Have Negative Consequences

Conor Williams ’05

President Trump’s proposed 13-percent cut in the education budget would have devastating consequences for many of America’s children, writes Conor Williams ’05 in The 74, a non-profit news site specializing in educational issues.

Williams is a former first-grade teacher and now senior researcher at the think tank New America’s Education Policy Program. He’s also founder of the group’s Dual Language Learners National Work Group.