#MakeItStop: The Moral Limits of Objective Journalism (Nieman Lab)

Kathleen Kingsbury, managing editor for digital at The Boston Globe, explains the necessity of the #MakeItStop campaign after the Orlando Shootings in June 2016. Though journalists aim to separate opinion and news pages for objectivity, the horrific event sparked a radical change in the Globe’s approach to reporting.

The paper produced a front page and a corresponding Twitter campaign, naming ever victim of every mass shooting since the last assault weapons ban was lifted in 2004. “At the end of the day,” said Kingsbury, “even journalism organizations must have thresholds to allow for moral outrage.” Read more.

Christopher Hill ’74, H’14 on Trump and North Korea (Project Syndicate)

Christopher Hill '74

Christopher Hill ’74

Career diplomat Christopher Hill ’74, H’14 writes of President Trump’s inherited “North Korea problem,” an issue that has concerned American presidents since the 1980s. On New Years Day, Kim Jong-un announced his country was prepared to test an intercontinental ballistic missile. Hill believes the US must maintain strong ties with regional allies Japan and South Korea, encouraging trade and military cooperation. He also urges the White House to make a serious evaluation of U.S. interests in the area and correlate relevant policies.

Hill is dean of the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies. He previously served a number of diplomatic roles, including that of Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Macedonia and Poland; U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia; U.S. special envoy for Kosovo; and negotiator of the Dayton Peace Accords. Hill was also the chief U.S. negotiator with North Korea from 2005-2009. Read Hill’s piece for Project Syndicate,”Can Trump Manage North Korea?”

The Politics of 2017 Super Bowl Ads (The Atlantic)

The current political divide over President Trump has made it harder for brands to take a bipartisan approach to Super Bowl advertising.

The early release of Budweiser’s “The Hard Way” displays the importance of immigrants in shaping American culture and economy. Though Budweiser denies any political alignment, many brands have responded to Trump with pronounced messages of social justice. Read more.

Your Guide to Infrastructure Bonds (Bipartisan Policy Center)

The municipal bond market has been the main source of capital for U.S. infrastructure for years.

Bipartisan Policy Center explains the differences among three types of infrastructural bonds: tax-exempt bonds, direct payment bonds, and private activity bonds. Read more.