‘Local Knowledge is Key’: Former Government Professor on Helping Refugees in the Middle East

Shelley Deane

Former Assistant Professor of Government Shelley Deane left academe with an expert knowledge of the Middle East to work in the hands-on world of conflict resolution and risk assessment. In effect, she swapped the classroom for the frontline, even coming under fire on at least one occasion.

Deane returned to campus recently to deliver a lecture and take part in a discussion with students about her experiences as director of the Brehon Advisory, a London-based NGO she set up four years ago, which specializes in conflict mediation. Read more in Bowdoin News.

Bowdoin News: Clam Farming and Green Crab Soup; Maine Muslims Describe Life After Trump

Bowdoin College hosted two speakers this week who are exploring ways that Mainers who earn their livelihoods from the sea might respond to a warming ocean and changing marine ecosystem. The Gulf of Maine is heating up faster than 99 percent of the world’s oceans, and scientists foresee a time when historically lucrative fisheries—like lobstering and clamming—are gone, replaced with fish species unfamiliar to us. Read more about a future of clam farming and green crab soup.

The Muslim Student Association and Howell House on Tuesday night invited to campus a panel of Muslim immigrants who are working as educators, writers, activists, and politicians in Maine. The speakers shared their stories about starting their lives in the US and how President Trump administration’s rhetoric and actions have affected them and Muslim communities in the state. Read the story by Busra Eriz ’17.

Boycott Culture Has CEOs Walking the Tightrope (Bloomberg)

A Bloomberg study finds 57 percent of executives believe boycotts do indeed impact their companies, and many are finding it’s difficult to avoid political controversy—even through silence.

“Consumers are holding brands accountable as though they were political candidates, and they’re voting again and again,” said Micho Spring, head of global corporate practice at Weber Shandwick, a public relations firm that handles crisis management, in this Bloomberg article.

The History of American Conspiracy and Fake News (Nieman Lab)

paranoiaNieman Lab interviews Jesse Walker, author of The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory.

Walker’s book explains America’s persistent anxieties, providing a rubric to evaluate the current partisanship in news. Read the full interview here.