Bowdoin to Commemorate Campus Visit by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Bowdoin College Museum of Art on May 6, 1964

Saturday, May 6, is the 53rd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s visit to the Bowdoin campus.

A new historical plaque at the College to be unveiled this summer will commemorate the 1964 visit and, specifically, an informal roundtable discussion with King attended by students, faculty, and staff that is remembered by one participant as “the most vivid conversation of my life.”

Read more about it in Bowdoin News.

The Mold Transforming Japanese Cuisine (Atlantic)

Koji is a fungus found in soy sauce, miso, and sake. The mold, known for its toxicity, was domesticated by humans about 9,000 years ago. Though its closest relatives can be deadly, koji is nontoxic.

Originally used for alcohol, the fungus has been implemented by Asian chefs for centuries. Read more in The Atlantic.

100 Years On: Symposium Shines Spotlight on Gender and Religion in the Russian Revolution

Soviet poster made in 1924 by Alexander Samokhvalov to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the Russian Revolution

It’s one hundred years this year since the Russian Revolution, and to help mark the centennial of this seismic event, scholars from across the country are coming to Bowdoin College for a symposium. Bowdoin News talked with organizer professor Page Herringer, who said the event is focusing on how the Revolution dealt with the issues of gender equality and organized religion.

Bowdoin’s Cerf Shares Personal Holocaust Stories at Wagner College (NY1)

Steve Cerf, Bowdoin’s George Lincoln Skolfield Jr. Professor of German Emeritus and the son of Holocaust survivors, helped Staten Island’s Wagner College observe Holocaust Remembrance Day last week with a talk involving letters written by his grandparents, who were killed at a death camp in 1942. An excerpt from an interview with Cerf was featured on NY1.