Bart D’Alauro ’95 on Running a Movie Rental Business in the Age of Streaming

Bart D’Alauro ’95 jokingly winces when you mention the name of fellow alumnus and Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83, who drew large crowds when he spoke on campus in March, describing how he used the Internet to revolutionize the way we view media.

The advent of streaming, however, was something that presented fresh challenges for D’Alauro, who owns that increasingly rare type of business model—the video rental store. A movie buff who has been featured on film discussion panels for the German department, D’Alauro co-founded Bart & Greg’s DVD Explosion in downtown Brunswick fourteen years ago, and unlike many movie rental businesses, it has survived.

D’Alauro speaks about the challenges of running a bricks-and-mortar DVD rental store in the age of streaming entertainment:

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Where are You on Netflix’s Binge-Watching Scale? (Vanity Fair)

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings '83, loving that you binge-watch.

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83, loving that you binge-watch.

Netflix has done a study to find out what types of shows are binge-watched quicker or longer than others.

The study found comedies are watched over a longer amount of time, while thrillers tend to be binge-watched quicker.

Where do you fall? Check it out in Vanity Fair.

In case you missed, check out coverage of Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83’s visit to campus in March and watch an excerpt from his talk in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 on Campus from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.