Things You Said You’d Never Do as a Parent and Now Totally Do (The Ugly Volvo)

children watching television together

From putting your child on a leash and parking your little one in front of the television to thinking about cooking meth—these are the things you swore you’d never do, but now, as a frazzled and protective parent, you do regularly without a second thought. Except for the part about the meth; that’s mostly off the table.

A playful look at these lapses in The Ugly Volvo.

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 on Campus

Netflix Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 on Entrepreneurship from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

Fans of Netflix will recognize the cliffhanger technique of leaving the really good stuff to the last scene. Students got a taste of that as Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings ’83 spent the last full day before spring break on campus.

Over the course of the day, Hastings spent time with various groups of students interested in aspects of technology, entrepreneurship and film. Hastings’s visit culminated with a talk in a packed Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.

Images by Fred J. Field

The Enduring Appeal of Pokémon (The Atlantic)


Many early adopters of the Pokémon card game during its inception 20 years ago continue to play the game now in their 20s and 30s.

It’s part of the reason why the Pokémon franchise is still booming, with more than $2 billion a year in revenue, says Bourree Lam in The Atlantic. Lam discusses the unique Pokémon community that both welcomes new kids into its circle and retains its enduring appeal to an older generation. Read the article.

Cue Lights! New LED Lamps Enhance Bowdoin’s Theatrical Offerings — And Save Money


Love’s Labour’s Lost in Rehearsal

The Theater and Dance Department’s production of the Shakespearean comedy “Love’s Labour’s Lost” wraps up its run this evening.

The production is an unusual one — set in the early 1960s — and cast members are dancing to an old rock and roll song on a stage bathed in multi-colored circles of light. This show is the first to use new LED lights bought by the college. Read more about Bowdoin’s new LED theater lights.