Talking to Yourself Can Help You Learn (Harvard Business Review)

People who practice self-explaining, a learning strategy revolving around asking oneself explanatory questions out loud, learn three times as more than people who don’t. Talking to yourself slows down your thought process and prompts you to concentrate. The act of explaining and questioning encourages you to make less obvious connections. Read more in Harvard Business Review.

Portrait of Trustee Emeritus Leon A. Gorman ’56, H’83 Presented in Moulton Union

Amid fond recollections of his deep devotion to Maine and to Bowdoin, a portrait of Trustee Emeritus Leon A. Gorman ’56, H’83 was presented May 11, 2017, in Moulton Union.

Gorman, the former president and chairman of L.L. Bean, and the grandson of the company’s founder, died in September 2015 at the age of 80.

President Clayton Rose recalled Gorman’s visionary leadership as a businessman, and his generous and quiet support, with his wife, Lisa, for the arts and culture, for health and medicine, and for community service organizations that change lives. Read more about the portrait presentation and view a slideshow of images from the event in Bowdoin News.

Take a Break: Scheduling Breaks to Increase Creativity (Harvard Business Review)

Researchers from Harvard Business Review have discovered that boosting creative thinking may mean stepping away from the problem. By pausing or transitioning to another problem at scheduled intervals, you are able to refresh your thinking and spark creativity. Do not feel hesitant to take a break between tasks while working: it may be the best use of your time. Read more in Harvard Business Review.