Bowdoin’s Isaacson ’70 on Supreme Court Internet Retail Decision (AP)

George Isaacson '70

George Isaacson ’70

Purchasing goods online could get more expensive following a recent decision by the US Supreme Court, according to the Associated Press. Earlier this month, the court declined to hear a challenge to a law in Colorado requiring online retailers like to let customers and the state know how much they owe in taxes. But, according to George Isaacson ’70, adjunct lecturer in law, the court may be simply biding its time to see if other states copy Colorado, before making a final decision on the law.

Creating Jobs in an Age of Automation (Vox)

RobotTechnological advancements have begun to take jobs from unskilled workers, particularly men. Vox links increased automation with recent debates over federal interest rates.

If the Fed cuts rates, it could spark an economic boom that could help reverse recent employment decline, generating more money and jobs. Read more.

Revenge: Why This Artist is Banned from Using the World’s ‘Pinkest Pink’ (Smithsonian)


The blackest black pigment ever created is called Vantablack and it was developed for military technologies. One artist was able to procure exclusive rights to use it for artistic purposes—but now finds himself in a dark world that is absent the pinkest pink. Read the story of brightly colored revenge.

Will He or Won’t He? Trump’s Business Holdings and What It All Means for Policy (The Atlantic)

Presidential seal

President-elect Donald Trump has signaled that he may not completely separate himself from his business holdings before taking office.

The Atlantic‘s Jeremy Venook looks at the questions that arise around how that might influence his policy.