Now It’s Auto Loans: 6 Million Americans Are Delinquent—And It’s Only Getting Worse (MarketWatch)

CarsCurrently, about 6 million Americans are at least 90 days late on their subprime car-loan payments. Though the majority of auto-loans are still performing well, the subprime loans—those associated with credit scores below 620—have suffered an exacerbating delinquency rate.

Though auto loans have less of an effect on the greater financial system than mortgage loans do, credit officials believe increased distress should be a significant concern for affected households. Read more.

Sky-High Prescription Drug Prices in the US—And the Alternative (Vox)

CapsulesVox explores the international prescription drug market, examining why the same prescription drugs offered in other countries cost more in the US, where a lack of price regulation allows drug makers to set their own prices.

Read why the trade-off might mean less research into medical cures.

The Best States in America for Businesses (Forbes)

Running businessman128Forbes classifies the states that are best for business, based on economic climate and potential prosperity. Utah leads the list for the third straight year, with North Carolina and Nebraska close behind.

A major factor in ranking is the growth of technology sectors, particularly in Utah—the corridor connecting Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo has been nicknamed “Silicon Slopes.” Additionally, policies prohibiting employment discrimination—specifically against LGBT people—have influenced ratings. Read more here.

What Does China’s ‘Darkening Political Climate’ Mean for the US? (The Atlantic)

WhenChinarules_AFThe Atlantic explores whether the US should alter its policies toward China in the wake of new developments, including China’s internal repression, external truculence, and indifference to its relationship with the US.  Read more.