Hamilton: The Lego Set (Mental Floss)

Tickets to the Broadway show “Hamilton” are hard to come by, but if enough people weigh-in, you could build your own.

A Lego community member submitted a Hamilton inspired Lego set to the toymaker’s ideas website.

If 10,000 fans support the design, it could become eligible for review to become a real product, which conceivably would be easier to obtain than actual tickets to the show. Read more in Mental Floss.

The Fate of the McDonald’s Drive-Thru (Business Insider)

McDonald’s has announced its upcoming launch of an order-and-pay technology and curbside delivery system for all 14,000 US restaurants. The technology will allow customers to order and pay for food on their smart phones, initiating a massive departure from drive-thru ordering, which currently contributes to more than 70% of the chain’s orders.

The shift could create shorter lines as well as extra staffing for deliveries. Read more in Business Insider.

Nothing Flies Like a Deere: How Drones are Changing the Construction Landscape (Fortune)

John Deere has partnered with drone technology startup Kespry to sell drones and related services to the construction industry.

The company hopes drones will aid workers by taking pictures of sites, improving productivity and keeping track of materials. Read more in Fortune.

Honoring AIDS Activist Peter Staley and Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11

(L. to r.) Jes Staley ’79, P’11, Kate Stern, Peter Staley. Click image to view slideshow.

Nearly eighty members of the Bowdoin community were on hand at Yahoo in New York City March 9, 2017, to honor the work of AIDS activist Peter Staley and his brother, Barclays CEO and Bowdoin College Trustee Jes Staley ’79, P’11.

“It was an evening of powerful stories—of Peter Staley’s life-saving activism and personal fight against AIDS, of Jes Staley’s promotion of LGBT causes—and combatting of homophobia—in the banking world, and of their relationship and tremendous mutual respect,” said Matt Roberts ’93, a member of the Alumni Council’s Diversity Committee.

“I found it particularly moving to share the evening with so many members of the Bowdoin family— including alumni, parents, and trustees—a warm and welcoming group.” More about the event, including a slideshow, in Bowdoin News.