As Summer Heats Up, So Do Cold Brew Coffee Sales (Yahoo! Finance)

Melody Hahm on Yahoo Finance

Melody Hahm ’13 talks cold brew coffee on Yahoo! Finance

Move over, iced coffee, cold brew is this summer’s favorite cooled caffeinated drink for millennials and coffee connoisseurs alike. Melody Hahm ’13, reporting for Yahoo! Finance, covers how this ancient beverage has been flying off the shelves in coffee chains like Peet’s Coffee and Starbucks across the country.

Bowdoin Economist Assesses Impact of Endangered Species Act

erik nelsonEnvironmental economist Erik Nelson recently studied the impact of U.S. Endangered Species Act regulations on habitats considered most vital to the persistence of endangered and threatened species. With his research collaborators, Nelson found that the regulations have had no discernible effect on how people are using these protected lands.

His research project is a timely undertaking, because the White House, U.S. policy makers, and nongovernmental organizations are increasingly looking for evidence on which environmental regulations are working as intended and which ones are not. Read more.


How To Do the Most Good in the World (Vox)

Helping-Hand256An effective altruist is one who does the most good possible, such as determining the most ethical way to donate money or the most ethical career to pursue, by using a “rigorous, evidence-based analysis.”

Effective altruist spokesman Will MacAskill argues that starting a tech company, getting a high paying job in order to give your money away, entering politics or engaging in high-level research might be the most direct paths to doing good. In addition, economists will be pleased to hear that MacAskill endorses getting a Ph.D. in economics as a means to making a positive impact. Read why.

Belting It Out: Business is Booming for Austin Branson ’04 and Peter Carter ’04

The belt business is booming for entrepreneurs Austin Branson '04 (left) and Peter Carter '04 (right) (Photo courtesy of Smithers &

Belt entrepreneurs Austin Branson ’04 (left) and Peter Carter ’04 with some of their wares. Photo: Smathers & Branson

Smathers & Branson — the belt and accessories company that’s going gangbusters — was Peter Carter’s and Austin Branson’s baby from the start at Bowdoin. Mentored by professors and then-President Barry Mills, the classmates (2004) conceived a needlepoint belt business that continues to grow.

They just announced a collaboration with fashion giant J. Crew (the Bowdoin bookstore already sells their hats, key fobs, belts, and wallets). Their story has been featured recently in both Bethesda Magazine and The Daily Signal.

Christmas in July is a Real Thing (Fortune)

Christmas gift and baubles on defocused lights background

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a catchy song, but not exactly a beach tune — or is it?

It’s popularity on Pandora, and that of other holiday tunes, such as “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” and “Jingle Bell Rock,” soared with the temperatures last month, coinciding with some “Christmas in July” sales happening online. Fortune has more on this midsummer batch of holiday cheer.