11 Facts to Know About the Potential Government Shutdown (Forbes)

Forbes explains the potential for a government shutdown if Congress does not present a funding bill by April 29, 2017. Most likely, Congress will ask for an extension, though ideally it would pass an appropriations bill.

The fiscal year ends September 30, 2017, after which the government will run out of money. Read more in  Forbes.

Something’s Brewing: The Microbrew Capital of the US, and The Hot Spot Near You (The Pudding)

A cold one is a hot commodity these days. Microbrews are more popular than ever, and various regions across the land seem to lay claim to a “microbrew capital of the country.”

Portland, Maine, by the way, happens to land ninth on a list compiled by The Pudding. See who tops the list and find out where the hops are popping in your neck of the woods.

PubMed: A Tool to Spot Hidden Conflicts of Interests in Scientific Studies (Vox)

PubMed, “the Google of scientific research,” is now publishing funding information to reveal conflicts of interest in studies. In 2016, 62 scientists and physicians lobbied for the update as part of a broader transparency movement in science.

Industries surrounding nutrition, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, weight loss aids, and sugary drinks are more likely to produce results favorable to funders. Read more on Vox.

Bohemians Unite: It’s All About the #Vanlife Social Media Movement (New Yorker)

ArtVanFoster Huntington, former Ralph Lauren designer, traded in his day job for a 1987 Volkswagen Syncro and a lifetime of adventures. Huntington has acquired millions of Instagram followers using his hashtag “vanlife,” crafting a bohemian lifestyle that has inspired a social media movement.

The hashtag embodies a revived American interest in road trips and hippie-culture, as well as a rejection of the typical workplace. It is also a successful marketing technique.  Read more in The New Yorker.