Inaugural Symposium: The Power of the Liberal Arts — Yahoo’s Andy Serwer ’81 to Moderate Panel of Heavy Hitters

Andy Serwer ’81

Andy Serwer ’81

The Power of the Liberal Arts,” the symposium that is prelude to the inauguration of Clayton S. Rose as Bowdoin’s 15th president, comprises leaders from the worlds of business, design, government, higher education and public health. The Power of the Liberal Arts symposium will be held in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall, 2 p.m.­ –5 p.m., Friday, October 16, 2015. In advance of the discussion, we continue a series of participant profiles.

“A liberal arts education is important because financial news without cultural references is like dry, stale toast.”

One of the world’s leading business journalists, Andy Serwer ‘81 has made a career out of calling it like he sees it — and doing so armed with an internal database of cross-disciplinary knowledge that he began cultivating as a student at Bowdoin.

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Retirement Plans: Are You an Ant or a Grasshopper? (The Atlantic)

One dollar origami money butterfly

Analyses of individuals’ financial habits tend to explain financial success and failure in terms of personal character. People have personalities that make them more or less likely to save, the argument goes. Some people are “ants,” always toiling for tomorrow, while others are “grasshoppers,” who live by instant gratification.

But dismissing retirement savings as a matter of individual responsibility obscures the institutional factors that make it difficult for people to save, argues Teresa Ghilarducci: The real reason people have trouble saving is a lack of access to straightforward retirement plans. Read the article.

How a Company Selling Sweetened Tap Water Achieved Global Domination (Vox)

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Coco-Cola and PepsiCo have each made fortunes of selling sweet tap water to the world, but don’t let the simplicity of their products deceive you of their ingenuity, argues Marion Nestle, public health advocate and professor at New York University.

In an interview with Julia Belluz from Vox, Nestle explains how Coco-Cola’s big push came during World War II when the company made a deal with the Army “to provide a Coke to any solider anywhere in the world at a nickel a piece.” Once the infrastructure and distribution channels were established with the help of the Army, it was just a matter of marketing after the war to make Coke the household name it is today. Read the article.

Inaugural Symposium: The Power of the Liberal Arts Oct. 16

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The president emerita of the University of Chicago. A former U.S. Senate Majority leader. A Fortune 500 company CEO. Other leaders from the worlds of higher education, public health and design.

They are part of “The Power of the Liberal Arts,” a symposium that is prelude to the inauguration of Clayton S. Rose as the 15th president of Bowdoin College, convenes a roster of thought leaders for two panel discussions to be held 2:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. in Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall, Friday, October 16, 2015. Read more about symposium.