Academic Awards, Karofsky Teaching Prize Presented on 2017 Honors Day

Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History Brian Purnell congratulates Lydia Woodward ’16 who received the Lennox Book Prize

Bowdoin College held its 21st annual Honors Day ceremony May 10, 2017, in Kanbar Auditorium, Studzinski Recital Hall, to recognize the academic accomplishments of Bowdoin students.

In addition, the 2017 Karofsky Prize was announced. The Karofsky Prize is awarded annually at Bowdoin to an outstanding junior faculty member who demonstrates a great ability to impart knowledge, inspire enthusiasm, and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Read the story and event program, and see the slideshow.

Bowdoin Spring Gala Lights it Up

Held at the end of the spring semester, the Spring Gala brings together the entire student body for a night of music, dancing and food. Student Activities organizes the annual event, which often includes a balloon shower that sends hundreds of balloons floating down over the dancers. This year, the party’s theme was the Mad Hatter. Check out a slideshow.

Bowdoin’s Russian Students Flourish

With Russia so much in the news these days, it might not come as a surprise that growing numbers of Bowdoin students are interested in studying the Russian language. But this conclusion would overlook the strengths of Bowdoin’s Russian department and the achievements of its students.

In the past couple of years, Bowdoin students studying Russian have received a number of honors. For instance, Wildon Kaplan ’17 participated in the prestigious Stanford U.S-Russian Forum, which brings Russian and American students together to collaborate on international research projects. Augustus Gilchrist ’20, who started up the new Russian Club, won a silver medal in a Russian essay contest, and Jae Yeon Yoo ’18 won honorable mention in the same essay contest.

The department’s flourishing coincides with the arrival of Alyssa Gillespie, an associate professor of Russian who started working at Bowdoin last fall after teaching at University of Notre Dame for 17 years.

‘See What’s Possible’: Spring Dance Concert 2017 Preview

This year, the much heralded annual Spring Dance Concert will feature several original pieces, including one by guest artist Rakiya Orange ’11. The performances are May 4-6, at 7:30 p.m., in Memorial Hall, Pickard TheaterRead more in Bowdoin News.