Proctors Send Postcard Greetings To Incoming First-Years

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A few proctors who are on campus for the summer got together yesterday at the pub to write postcards to their incoming first-years. Each of Bowdoin’s 33 or so proctors will live with 10 to 25 first-years next year, acting as their go-to person for any questions and problems the new students might have. “Every first-year gets a personalized postcard, letting them know who we are and that we are a resource for them,” Katie Ashby ’13 said.

In the photo, left to right: Malik McKnight ’15, Katie Ashby ’13, Filipe Camarotti ’14, Mira Nikolova ’13, Tori Guen ’13, Steph Bond ’13, Melanie Gaynes ’13, Abbie Geringer ’14

Bowdoin Senior Sees the Future of Urban Design

David Bruce '13 in the UrbanLab office with architect/founder Martin Felsen

David Bruce '13 in the UrbanLab office with architect/founder Martin Felsen

Sam “David” Bruce ’13 is taking advantage of a new Bowdoin fellowship to gain experience in the imaginative field of sustainable architecture and urban design. This summer he is helping to fashion cutting-edge buildings and infrastructure that could one day recycle resources, reduce waste and cut pollution.

Bruce is the first recipient of the Cooke fellowship, established last year by Chester W. Cooke III ’57 to support students pursuing environmental studies. The rising senior is using his funding to intern at the UrbanLab, an architecture firm in Chicago founded by the husband and wife team of Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn. [Read more…]

Coastal Studies Summer Fellows Dive into the Unknown

Bowdoin's 2012 Coastal Studies Fellows

Bowdoin's 2012 Coastal Studies Fellows

This summer, a number of Bowdoin students have fellowships to conduct research into a range of coastal and marine topics, from phytoplankton blooms to river herring. Last week, they gathered over two days to gave boiled-down accounts of their complex research projects.

They were joined by a few students from The College of William and Mary, who are working with Jonathan Allen, a former Doherty Marine Biology Postdoctoral Scholar at Bowdoin and an assistant professor at William and Mary.

Each student gave a 10-minute Pecha Kucha-style presentation, educating one another on the foraging behavior of harbor porpoises, the effect of luminescent behavior on intertidal scale worms, what photo-pollution does to marine fouling communities, and much more.

Bowdoin offers an array of fellowships to support students’ research, internships or other work over the summer, including several that specifically support coastal studies research.

To reach more about the students’ research, go here. Links to their presentations will be available soon on the Coastal Studies Center website.

Jae Bradley ’13 Contributes Research to Boost Global Food Production

Jae Bradley '13

Jae Bradley '13


With the human population expected to grow by billions over the new few decades, the United Nations is predicting that by 2050 our food production must double to stave off mass starvation. For Jae Bradley ’13, that dire warning is galvanizing his summertime research.

The economics major and mathematics minor is analyzing the efficiency of soil around the globe in relation to urban density. “The premise is that rich soil should be used for farming and not-so-good soil should be used for building and development,” Bradley explained. “In the whole talk of food production and global warming, soil fertility gets lost in the discourse.” [Read more…]