Bowdoin Honors Annual Yellow Shirt Day


Students in yellow for Yellow Shirt Day, a unique Bowdoin tradition

Since 2005, when a speaker came to Bowdoin to advocate against same-sex marriage, students have worn yellow for one day in October. The color commemorates the way students decided to peacefully show their support for the LGBTQ community during Michael Heath’s talk—they all wore yellow to his lecture.

Yesterday evening, students also held an emotional vigil to remember the 49 people killed and the many more injured and traumatized when a gunman opened fire at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12, 2016.

See more photos by Eliza Graumlich ’17.

Two Government Professors Discuss the Unprecedented 2016 Election


After the panel, students watched the debate in Helmreich House

Before packing into the Helmreich House common room to watch last night’s final presidential debate, students attended a pre-debate panel on the state of the election. The event was sponsored by the McKeen Center for the Common Good, Helmreich House, and the Bowdoin Political Union.

The panel featured two professors in the government and legal studies department: Associate Professor Jeffrey Selinger and Assistant Professor Maron Sorenson. It was moderated by Liam Gunn ’17, the McKeen Center’s election engagement fellow.

Gunn started the panel by asking what makes this election different from previous ones. Selinger jumped right in: “This is the most important election that I will ever vote in in my life.” Read more from James Jelin ’16 about the pre-debate event. 

Producer Chris Gary Offers Career Advice to Bowdoin Students

“Game of Thrones” producer Chris Gary speaks about his TV career.

Chris Gary, the former HBO producer who oversaw Game of the Thrones and upcoming The Young Pope,, began his talk at Bowdoin Monday by looking out at the audience and asking, “What do you want to talk about?” In response to cries such as, “How do I get a job?” Gary discussed his circuitous career path and what it takes to make it in the film industry.

Gary was candid about the competitive nature of the job market. “No one’s going to give you a job. You’re going to have to take a job,” he said. To Gary, this means two things: being willing to beat out another person for the position you want and knowing what makes you unique, or what you can offer. Read more about Chris Gary’s talk.

The Trial of Galileo: A First-Year History Seminar Re-enactment

Students in Assistant Professor of History Meghan Roberts’ first-year seminar, Reacting to the Past, spent September immersed in a fraught period, during early modern Europe, when science was rising up to challenge the church’s ultimate authority.

Slipping into the roles of Catholic cardinals, the students reenacted the Roman inquisition of Galileo. In intense discussions, they debated the appropriate punishment for a man who had been accused of heresy for his notions that the earth revolved around the sun. After wrapping up their month-long inquisition, the students have turned their attention to King Henry VIII and his Reformation parliament.

Roberts’ course Reacting to the Past is one of more than 35 seminars designed specially for first-year students. Read more.