Professor Gibbons Wins US Grant to Study Proposed Nuclear Weapons Ban

Last December, 113 nations voted at the United Nations to begin the process of eliminating nuclear weapons worldwide. These nations will meet in June in an attempt to finalize negotiations and produce a treaty.

Visiting Assistant Professor of History Rebecca Gibbons, recently awarded a grant from the US Air Force Academy, will spend the next few months, with help from a student researcher, looking into the possible effects of the wave of anti-nuclear sentiment on US allies.

While the United States and other countries possessing nuclear weapons oppose the Humanitarian Pledge’s approach to banning them, the movement could gain traction and help organize and intensify resistance around the world. “It is not that this treaty will have a big effect initially,” Gibbons said, “but it will galvanize people. It is a normative endgame to stigmatize the weapons, and is affecting populations in Europe.” Read the story in Bowdoin News.

How Joshua Chamberlain Influenced Maine’s 2017 Ranked-Choice Voting Decision (Bangor Daily News)

Joshua Chamberlain

Joshua Chamberlain

Earlier this week, on May 23, 2017, Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the state’s voter-approved ranked-choice voting system—due to be implemented next year—is unconstitutional. It was a decision influenced in so small part by the actions of civil war hero, Bowdoin College president and former state governor, Joshua Chamberlain, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The court’s decision mentions Chamberlain—a member of the Bowdoin class of 1852—three times, making particular reference of his role in “charge of the Augusta police force during a tense 12-day period in 1880, when the results of Maine’s gubernatorial and legislative elections were in doubt.”

Art With a Moral Message: William Powell Frith and Victorian Realism

Pamela Fletcher

As she prepares for her next book, Professor of Art History Pamela Fletcher examines how Victorian art reflected social reality.

In a recent faculty seminar she focused on the work of William Powell Frith, a one-time celebrity of the art world who was pushed into obscurity by the rise of modernism. Read more in Bowdoin News

Bowdoin’s Kolster to Discuss River Photography Book at Griffin Museum

Michael Kolster

Michael Kolster

Associate Professor of Art Mike Kolster is featured speaker at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts, this Thursday, May 25, 2017.

He will discuss the book Take Me to the River: Photographs of Atlantic Rivers (GFT Publishing, 2016), which features photographs by Kolster of four rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean—the Androscoggin, Schuylkill, James, and Savannah—as they emerge from two centuries of industrial use and neglect.

Read more in Bowdoin News