Classic Argument: Joseph Farrell ’77 on the Role of Classics Professors (Chronicle of Higher Education)

A Graduation mortar on top of books

There has historically been a divide between the educators who teach humanities in our high schools and those who  teach at the college level. One exception, notes Leonard Cassuto in The Chronicle of Higher Education, is in the classics.

Joseph Farrell ’77, a classics professor at Penn, shares his insights on the shared ground that exists.

A Day in the Life: Yahoo Finance Editor Andy Serwer ’81 Shares How He Gets It Done (Digiday)

Andy Serwer (Image: Yahoo)

Andy Serwer (Image: Yahoo)

Trustee Andy Serwer ’81, Yahoo Finance’s editor-in-chief, shares a page out of his calendar — one chock-full of the kind of mover-and-shaker meetings it takes to produce 150 articles, videos and live-streams a week.

As luck would have it, this particular day included a visit with Bob Kubacki ’75, president of the Alumni Association and, as Serwer details, “a legendary quarterback at our alma mater, Bowdoin College.” Read the Digiday feature, “Day in the Life: Yahoo Finance editor Andy Serwer talks Brexit, working at Yahoo.”

Glenn Waters ’89 Helps Fight the Opioid Crisis (National Safety Council)

doctor medicine cancer treatmentGlenn S. Waters ’89, DDS, MD, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has developed, implemented, and demonstrated a protocol that reduces opioid requirements by 70 percent.

Waters and his orthopedic surgeon partner, Timothy McConnell, MD, have kept thousands of opioids out of homes in Ohio, where they practice.

Waters and McConnell’s protocol leads with treating acute pain with over-the-counter drugs before resorting to opioids. 

Attractively Repellent: Perfume by Michael Fensterstock ’04 Also Keeps Mosquitoes, Zika at Bay (New York Times)


Michael Fensterstock ’04 and his wife, Melissa, have designed and are selling a perfume that not only smells good, but also helps you be mosquito-free and avoid the Zika virus, to boot.

Read about their company, Aromaflage, in The New York Times.