Whispering Pines: ‘Those Who Do the World’s Work’

Whispering Pines

Earlier this month, as Hurricane Matthew left a path of destruction across Haiti and eastern Cuba and threatened the Atlantic coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, US Coast Guard personnel prepared for the worst, tracking the hurricane, warning residents, preparing for search and rescue missions by air and water, and coordinating efforts with local and state officials.

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Bowdoin Honors Annual Yellow Shirt Day


Students in yellow for Yellow Shirt Day, a unique Bowdoin tradition

Since 2005, when a speaker came to Bowdoin to advocate against same-sex marriage, students have worn yellow for one day in October. The color commemorates the way students decided to peacefully show their support for the LGBTQ community during Michael Heath’s talk—they all wore yellow to his lecture.

Yesterday evening, students also held an emotional vigil to remember the 49 people killed and the many more injured and traumatized when a gunman opened fire at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12, 2016.

See more photos by Eliza Graumlich ’17.

18 Days and 89,000 Distinct Governments: The Founding Principles of Federalism

Founding Principles Chapter Two: Federalism from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

With just 18 days until the election, our dive into how America works continues with this look at federalism—the constitutional relationship between US state governments and the federal government of the US. The Founding Principles pool is full of lessons to bring you up to speed on civics and American government. Jump on in; the water’s warm.

With 19 Days Until the Election, Here’s How American Governance Works

With election day on the horizon (19 days and counting), what better time to familiarize yourself with how our government works? Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin’s Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government, narrates Founding Principles, a series of fifteen short videos that explain the foundations of American government in a concise, easy to watch, and easy to understand format.

As we count down the days to the election, the Bowdoin Daily Sun will feature a new episode each day, beginning with the overview that is “American Governance in Theory and Action.”