Infographic: Chemistry Explains That Old Book Smell (Daily Infographic)

There’s no scent more appealing to a bookworm than a book. But what makes those old, dusty books on your shelf smell so different from the new ones? Check out this infographic from Daily Infographic to get a whiff of the science behind the scent.

Eric Lyday/Daily Infographic

Eric Lyday/Daily Infographic. Click image to view full-size.

100 Examples of Exemplary Magazine Journalism (The Atlantic)

Person read the bookSkip the filler; The Atlantic has compiled a list of the 100 best pieces of journalism they could find, and it’s definitely a list to bookmark and come back to over and over again.

Why iTunes Isn’t Friendly to Classical Music (The Atlantic)

MusicIf you’re a fan of classical music, you’re probably not a fan of iTunes.

As The Atlantic reports, people with digital classical music collections have lots reason to complain about the way iTunes stores, searches and sorts their Bach, Mozart and Handel.

Anatomy of a Beach Read (New Yorker)

Beach chair128Ah, summer: the season of the mindless pleasure reads. Celeste Ballard wrote a quippy, entertaining short essay for The New Yorker on the guidelines for her ideal beach book (spoiler alert: the book she describes is basically the antithesis of reading The New Yorker).

Move over, real life problems, and bring on the drama, romance and white wine.