Do You Have One of the 10 Worst Jobs of 2017? (CNBC)

Research teams from CareerCast examined the 200 most common jobs in the United States and ranked them according to salary, growth, competition, physical work, safety, and stress.

Click to read CNBC’s list of the ten worst jobs of 2017.

The Benefits of Having More than One Career (Harvard Business Review)

Rather than beginning a vocation and switching to another, Harvard Business Review suggests pursuing more than one career simultaneously.

Working multiple jobs may increase happiness, subsidize skill development, and introduce you to new friends. Finding passion in professions leads to greater fulfillment. Read more in Harvard Business Review.

The Mold Transforming Japanese Cuisine (Atlantic)

Koji is a fungus found in soy sauce, miso, and sake. The mold, known for its toxicity, was domesticated by humans about 9,000 years ago. Though its closest relatives can be deadly, koji is nontoxic.

Originally used for alcohol, the fungus has been implemented by Asian chefs for centuries. Read more in The Atlantic.