Updating Facebook’s ‘Media Company’ Status (Wired)

Though Facebook has resisted the descriptor “media company”—insisting instead it is a technology platform—the implementation of the “spotlight module” long-form video created specifically for the platform “nukes its best arguments as it tries to sidestep any responsibility as a media juggernaut,” reports Wired. Read “Facebook’s Officially a Media Company. Time to Act Like One.”

Tick Uptick: How Last Year’s ‘Mouse Plague’ May Ruin Your Summer in the Northeast (NPR)

So we have this to look forward to: ecologists who have studied Lyme disease for 20 years predict a rise in infected ticks in the Northeast this summer.

Apparently in 2016, this neck of the woods suffered a “mouse plague” —an invasion of white-footed mice, which are expert at efficiently transmitting Lyme disease to Northeastern ticks. Read more about the anticipated situation.

The FBI and Religion: The Bureau’s Treatment of Minority Groups (The Atlantic)

The Atlantic interviews Steven Weitzman, a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and co-editor of a book of essays detailing the FBI’s tumultuous relationship with religion.

Weitzman discusses the FBI’s religious history and its relevance post-9/11. He also highlights the FBI’s tendency to investigate immigrants and Muslims rather than Judeo-Christians. Read more in The Atlantic.

‘Righting a Wrong’: A Commemoration of Japanese-American Internment (Smithsonian)

Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II, a new exhibition at the National Museum of American History, commemorates the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 regarding the incarceration of Japanese-American citizens during World War II and comprises photographs, letters, and artifacts from the camps.

The curators hope the exhibition will remind Americans of their history and help them make sense of the present. Read more in Smithsonian Magazine.