The Fate of the McDonald’s Drive-Thru (Business Insider)

McDonald’s has announced its upcoming launch of an order-and-pay technology and curbside delivery system for all 14,000 US restaurants. The technology will allow customers to order and pay for food on their smart phones, initiating a massive departure from drive-thru ordering, which currently contributes to more than 70% of the chain’s orders.

The shift could create shorter lines as well as extra staffing for deliveries. Read more in Business Insider.

Nothing Flies Like a Deere: How Drones are Changing the Construction Landscape (Fortune)

John Deere has partnered with drone technology startup Kespry to sell drones and related services to the construction industry.

The company hopes drones will aid workers by taking pictures of sites, improving productivity and keeping track of materials. Read more in Fortune.

How Patagonia and The North Face Are Saving the World (The Guardian)

Amid a forecast promising a stay-inside-and-off-the-roads kind of snowstorm across the Northeast comes this little gem about some of the very outerwear you may don to brave such conditions.

Both Patagonia and The North Face profit from selling the idea of wilderness to wealthy urban masses. Yet, the marketing of adventure aligns with both companies’ ethical authenticity and environmentally friendly initiatives.

The Guardian chronicles the history of both companies and their rivalry to save the world. Read more in The Guardian.

I-Corps: The Program That Turns Scientists into Entrepreneurs (Harvard Business Review)

In 2010, Subra Suresh—then director of the National Science Foundation, currently president of Carnegie Mellon University—hoped to bring more discoveries out of the lab and into the marketplace through better links between government in industry.

The resulting program, I-Corps, has reorganized the NSF and educates scientists to become entrepreneurs. Today, the software has trained more than  700 teams. Read more in the Harvard Business Review.