The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Harvard Business Review)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to replace not only “doing” jobs, such as manufacturing, but also “thinking” jobs, such as those done by doctors, marketers, and stock brokers. Harvard Business Review highlights skills at which AI is superior—data analysis and interpretation.

Rather than combat AI, humans must focus on AI’s weaknesses—understanding and interacting with other humans—to stay relevant. Improving one’s emotional intelligence, empathy, and persuasion will differentiate humans from AI in the workforce. Read more.

Facebook Facial Recognition and the US Technology Sector (Fortune)

Fortune highlights technological advances across industries, including Facebook’s enhanced photo identification, Carnegie Mellon’s unbeatable poker software, and Tesla’s enormous energy storage facilities. Read more.

Two European Culture Capitals are Partying Like It’s 2017 (Newsweek)

Two European cities — Aarhus, on the coast of Denmark, and Kingston-upon-Hull, 450 miles away on the coast of England — promise year-round celebrations of art and culture to boost their morale and economies.

Aarhus, awarded the EU’s Capital of Culture, hopes to connect to residents and art lovers by focusing on children. Hull, second place in the U.K.’s City of Culture, aims to heal divisions in the maritime community by creating open art spaces of public involvement. Read more.

Airbus’ Swappable Airplane Interiors (Wired)

Airbus has introduced Transpose, a “low-fidelity” aircraft with swappable inflight interiors.

The concept allows aircrafts to exchange cramped rows for varying activity cabins. Airbus is working with 100 engineers and designers to test and improve their creation to meet federal aviation standards. Read more.