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New Radio Show Follows Emotional Homecoming of Alvin Hall ’74

Alvin Hall '74

Alvin Hall ’74

A new radio series, “Alvin Hall Goes Back to School,” produced by Dana Roberson, formerly of 60 Minutes, covers the return of Hall to his Florida hometown after being away for more than a decade. Now a successful author of many books on financial literacy, and a TV and radio host, Hall grew up poor in Wakulla County. He attended a high school in the early days of integration.

In this journey, Hall, who was his high school’s first black valedictorian in 1970 but had his photo replaced by those of two white students on a school wall, also returns to his high school for the first time in 40 years.

The show aired on The Takeaway on WYNC. Each of the four episodes can be found here. The first episode is here, and the second one is here

New TV Series Features Alvin Hall ’74

Production photo of Alvin Hall ’74 with his car and pet

Production photo of Alvin Hall ’74 with his car and pet

The multi-talented Alvin Hall ’74 has just wrapped up filming a new English comedy series called Puppy Love. In the show, Hall plays Jepherson Denomer, an American philanthropist with a vintage maroon Jag and an old trusty dog named Tuggy. The show is written by and stars Jo Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine, and according to IMDB is “a story of love, dogs and the love of dogs.” The series follows two women “as they navigate their headstrong dogs, impossible teenage kids and disappointing husbands.”
Hall, who is also a financial advisor, author, television and radio broadcaster, and trustee emeritus, is known for his many BBC series and programs, including Jay-Z: From Brooklyn to the BoardroomAlvin’s Guide to Good Business — in which he visited social entrepreneurs around the world — and Your Money or Your Life, in which he helped people gain control over their finances. He is the author of several books on financial planning, including Getting Started in Stocks

Alvin Hall ’74 Presents Motown Program on BBC Radio Jan. 9 (RadioTimes)

Alvin Hall '74

Alvin Hall ’74

Motown, the record label and entire music industry founded by Berry Gordy Jr., made stars of  the likes of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, but it also had a  spoken-word label, Black Forum, set up by Gordy in 1970. It released compilations of speeches, poetry and oral history — among them works by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Langston Hughes, Margaret Danner and Bill Cosby.

Financial advisor, author and journalist Alvin Hall ’74 explores Motown’s eight Black Forum spoken word records and the people behind them on the BBC Radio 4 program, “Motown: Speaking in the Streets,” whose initial broadcast is to be Thursday, January 9, 2014.

“My interview with Elaine Brown, a former chairman of the Black Panther Party, is one of the most memorable interviews of my entire career,” said Hall. “The woman remains fierce and genuinely committed.”

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Alvin Hall ’74 Featured on ‘Moth Radio Hour’ (NPR)

Financial advisor, author, and broadcaster Alvin Hall ’74 is currently featured on NPR’s “The Moth Radio Hour.” His story about growing up in the Florida Panhandle “where Viewmaster slides of exotic lands fueled his imagination” appears in the second section of the episode (#1209, Fall 2012) and is being aired on different NPR stations around the country this month.