Former Ambassador Christopher Hill ’74, H’14 Talks North Korea, Beating Belichick at Lacrosse (207)

Click image to watch the interview with Christopher Hill ’74, H’14 (Image: 207/WCSH)

Career diplomat Christopher Hill ’74, H’14 was on campus earlier this week speaking about America’s greatest foreign policy challenges. While he was here, he also sat down with Caroline Cornish, co-host of 207, the nightly newsmagazine of local NBC affiliate WCSH.

In the interview, Hills spoke of the tensions in North Korea, China’s role, and the need to examine what he describes as the space between peace and war. The segment kicks off on a far less serious note: Hill’s recollections of his lacrosse days at Bowdoin — and beating Wesleyan and the man who would go on to become head coach of the New England Patriots. Watch the segment.

11 Facts to Know About the Potential Government Shutdown (Forbes)

Forbes explains the potential for a government shutdown if Congress does not present a funding bill by April 29, 2017. Most likely, Congress will ask for an extension, though ideally it would pass an appropriations bill.

The fiscal year ends September 30, 2017, after which the government will run out of money. Read more in  Forbes.

Something’s Brewing: The Microbrew Capital of the US, and The Hot Spot Near You (The Pudding)

A cold one is a hot commodity these days. Microbrews are more popular than ever, and various regions across the land seem to lay claim to a “microbrew capital of the country.”

Portland, Maine, by the way, happens to land ninth on a list compiled by The Pudding. See who tops the list and find out where the hops are popping in your neck of the woods.

Heavenly Views: A 360-Degree Aerial Look at Bowdoin’s Fields of Dreams

Click image and mouse around to see many of Bowdoin’s athletic fields as you never have.

Better than box seats, this 360-degree, aerial view of Pickard Fields and beyond lets you view your favorite Bowdoin Athletics venues from above — and zoom in for a closer look, courtesy of Bowdoin’s Senior Producer for Academic New Media David Israel, of Academic Technology & Consulting.

In case you missed it, also check out “Spy Mission: Fly Around the Quad for a 360-Degree, Bird’s-Eye View.”