Inside the College Houses: The Past and Present of Bowdoin’s Helmreich House

In our ongoing series of profiles of Bowdoin’s eight College Houses, we share some of the history of the homes, which were all former fraternity houses, as well as a bit of the experience of current occupants. This profile features Helmreich House, at 238 Maine Street.

You can also view this story is in its own window. Read about Quimby House here.

Helmreich House by Bowdoin College on Exposure

Underwater Cables Connect the World to the Internet (Vox)


Hundreds of submarine cables currently lace the seafloor and transmit large amounts of data across the world. Their importance in connecting the global world to the internet is why corporations like Google and Facebook are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in cable system consortiums. Phil Edwards from Vox discusses the history of these cables and makes the case for why they are represent modern-day trade routes. Read the article here.

A Thanksgiving Guide to Turkey Labels (NPR)

The turkey feast may be behind them, but a smorgasbord awaits those who effected a turkey drop over break.Thanksgiving turkeys are packaged replete with labels that range from promises of quality, such as “fresh” and “premium,” to assertions of animal welfare (“humane” and “cage-free”). Many of these labels, however, are completely meaningless and mislead consumers. NPR offers a helpful glossary of turkey terms. Read the article.

Infographic: Why Culture Shock is Good for You (World the World)

Click image to view the full infographic (Image detail: World the World)

Click image to view the full infographic (Image detail: World the World)