Commencement 2015 Through Eyes of Bowdoin Social Media

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The smiles, the proud parents, the sunny skies overhead (gorgeous, provided you were observing them while wearing a parka) are all captured on Bowdoin’s Storify page, a compilation of shared images, tweets and updates that tell the story of Commencement 2015.

Expeditions to Greenland Aboard Portland Boats (Portland Press Herald)

Trustee emeritus Phineas Sprague ’50 graduated from Bowdoin with a passion for rowing and the sea.

Today, his son Phineas Sprague Jr. continues in this nautical tradition by refitting the schooner Westward, which next year will begin to ferry university students to and from Greenland. Sprague, owner of Portland Yacht Services, has also been involved with the Chauché family, who plans to offer similar expeditions to Greenland upon their own sailboat. Read more here.

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women (Forbes)

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Forbes has released its list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” Each of them, including Michelle Obama (#10) and Queen Elizabeth II (#41), were selected based upon their net worth, presence in the media, and their impact upon the world. See who ranks in the top spot and the others on the list.

Review: Abelardo Morell ’71’s ‘A Mind of Winter’ is ‘Upside Down, Inside Out, Unreal Reality’ (Boston Globe)

Tre Branch Pressed in Snow

“Tree Branch Pressed in Snow,” Abelardo Morell ’71

Despite the arrival of the warm summer days, a small piece of winter can be found on exhibit at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

This past year, Abelardo Morell ’71 spent time in Maine and Massachusetts, photographing the natural beauty present in the snowy northeast. Comprising 13 images in the cliché-verre style — translating literally to ‘glass picture’ — Morell’s A Mind of Winter seeks to capture the essential qualities of the season.

A departure from Morell’s better known camera obscura photographs, this most recent project has nevertheless been favorably reviewed by the Boston Globe’s Mark Feeney, who described it as “wonderfully specific,” and as an “upside down, inside out, unreal reality.”

Read the review.

A Mind of Winter will be on display at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art until September 27, 2015. Morell spoke on campus May 5, 2015; watch the video:




Like: Perusing Facebook Makes You a Better Worker (Business News Daily)


A recent study by the Academy of Management found that Facebook may actually be conducive to happier and more productive employees.

Researchers suggest that short breaks allow workers to have a mental rest, which then leads to more productivity — some say 40 percent more — throughout the rest of the workday. Read more here.