Whispering Pines: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Day – December 12, 1942

Whispering Pines

When the 12:44 train pulled in at the Brunswick depot on Saturday, December 12, 1942, (at what one student described as “its customary 1:15 arrival”), it was greeted by a crowd of 200 or more Bowdoin students and citizens of the town, eager to see if First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt would step onto the platform. She did, and was greeted by the cheers of the crowd, a Secret Service agent, a press photographer, members of the Delta Upsilon Lectureship Committee, and two local boys looking for temporary employment as baggage carriers. Fresh from a visit to Radcliffe College the day before, Mrs. Roosevelt had come to Brunswick at the invitation of the members of the Bowdoin chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

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Make Sure Your Emails are Read — And Get a Response (Inc.)


There’s a certain sense of uneasiness when you send an important email out and don’t get a response that same day. Of course, everyone’s busy and has a flood of (unread) emails, so how do you make sure yours receives the attention it deserves?

Erik Sherman from Inc. provides five email tricks that are correlated to higher rates of opening and response.

Pumpkin Spice, Minus the Pumpkin (NPR)

Coffee Cup Isolated

Pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season—especially in pumpkin spice lattes. But what actually goes into that latte? Not a drop of pumpkin juice.

Instead, the ingredients belong in that catch-all category of “Natural and Artificial Flavors.” Read the article here.

Bowdoin Equestrian Team Finishes 2nd in NESCAC

girl on horseAt the inaugural NESCAC Championship Tournament hosted by Tufts University, the Bowdoin Equestrian won reserve champion to Tufts. Read the story.